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Reciprocal Link Exchange

Reciprocal Link Exchange

A reciprocal link is a mutual link between two objects, commonly between two websites to ensure mutual traffic. Since the inbound link is a very important factor when the search engines decide the ranking of a web site in the search results, a lot of webmasters use reciprocal links to build their inbound links.

There is not the slightest doubt that reciprocal link have a major role to play in increasing your link popularity, securing a high page rank and bringing in traffic. Though Search Engines consider one-way links superior to reciprocal links, the fact remains that we do need them. The reciprocal linking is helpful for the Webmaster. A Webmaster agrees to post the link of another website in his or her website in exchange for the other Webmaster doing the same. The process of reciprocal linking is good and beneficial situation for both the webmasters.

This method enables the website to gain many inbound links. The act of convincing other website owner to post a link on a certain website is not too difficult as these websites too gain inbound links in the process of posting their links. Reciprocal linking is a good search engine optimization strategy. One important fact is that with good exchange linking strategy the bad effects of reciprocal linking could be done away with. There are a few steps in achieving this objective. One of this is the search engine status of the prospective link partner. A Webmaster should search for reciprocal links with websites or web directories that have high search engine rankings.

The ranks of the sites that will give the inbound links are more valued with more than the usual seriousness and they are given due importance. The Webmaster needs to consider the ranking of the actual page where the inbound link is to be posted. If the page where the link is to be posted has a zero rank, it is going to have a bearing on the website status.

The Webmaster should choose relevant websites. The inbound links from similar content websites carry more weight than the content which is unrelated to the website of the prospective. Information about the link is one of the most important a strategies to achieve the search engine optimization that every webmaster looks forward to and reciprocal linking is one of means or be adequately informed about this link. This is the connection between search engine optimization and reciprocal linking.

By following the above method systematically, Link Exchange becomes a more enjoyable and rewarding experience. Bringing in its wake heaps of reciprocal link, One-Way links, and high Page Rank, increased Link Popularity and Targeted Traffic.

Reciprocal Link Exchange package

What we do after receiving payment?

  • We will send you an acknowledgement that we have received a payment.
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What you will get after making payment?

  • BackLinks from High Quality Authority Websites only.
  • All links will be Permanent backlinks (One year Guarantee)
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What if you would like to target more urls and more anchor text?

You can send us your website URL's & keyword anchor text at after making the payment, along with the Payment Transaction Receipt Number or the Paypal email id from which you have made the payment.

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