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Press Release Submission Service

Press Release Submission Service

There are several search engine optimization tools used to optimize and improve the web sites rating in the search engines. Some of them are link building, keywords rich content, Meta tags, press release submission etc. out of all the search engine tools press release is said to be the most imperative tool.

A press release is nothing but an announcement or information about the launch or release of a new product or service. The announcement is made through the news media or other publications depending on the product and the audience targeted. It is a public announcement targeted as to the how, why, when and for what the product or services is introduced. Press release takes the product and makes it public and thus strikes awareness among people about the product. Thus it serves as a great marketing tool. The most important aim and focus of the press release are to gain the creditability of the public.

A press release submission service needs to have a compelling title that reflects the story. The abstract, or sub-title, is equally important and should give readers a gist of the new article. The main article needs to pack in all the relevant information, highlighting major issues that reflect the title. The best part of the press release submission service is where you have the opportunity to provide a short description on the product or services that your company has to offer and contact information such as your email address and contact number. The content of your press release should be precise.

Press release submission service is a very widely used publicity tool, used by most companies and websites. The key is to write a highly effective press release submission. Be sure it conveys the message, creates a lot of interest, but more importantly, catches the eye of the media companies that are responsible for spreading the word.

Press Release Submission Service

Press release is a recorded or written communication directed to members of the press. People are now more interested in the news anytime and anywhere. Online press releases acting quite an important role, when it comes to disseminate vital information, updates through the internet and help webmasters to promote their products and services in a better way. Search engine optimized press releases are still relatively new in the field of SEO, but they are aggressively useful to an SEO of the websites. Some of the

Advantages of the Press release to SEO:

  • Press Releases helps to increase the Back links of the website
  • Press releases will increase the keyword rankings
  • Increase the website visibility in search engines
  • Press Releases helps to increase the traffic
  • Increase the brand name of the website
  • No need to spend more money to drive easy traffic
Item Descriptions

25 Press Release Submission Service

This package is designed to submit and announce about your brands, products or your web story/article to best 25 press release websites.

•Free detailed report
•Complete in 4-5 business days


50 Press Release Submission Service

Press releases are a very economical method of building brand awareness. We have extensive experience in manual submission services.

•Free detailed report
•Complete in 6-7 business days


100 Press Release Submission Service

Press Release Submission to 50 PR sites 2 times every 7 days with for improvement in the amount and quality of the traffic to your site.

•Free detailed report
•Complete in 12-14 business days


200 Press Release Submission Service

Press Release Submission to 50 PR sites 4 times every 7 days with for improvement in the amount and quality of the traffic to your site.

•Free detailed report
•Complete in 25-30 business days



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