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Link Wheel Service - 100% Keyword Ranking Improvement

Link Wheel Services
 Web 2.0 properties
10 Properties
20 Properties
30 Properties
40 Properties
 Squidoo lens Creation
800 Words
1000 Words
1200 Words
1500 Words
 Hup Page Creation
800 Words
1000 Words
1200 Words
1500 Words
 Press Release Creation
1 with 20 Submissions
3 with 50 Submissions
5 with 100 Submissions
7 with 200 Submissions
 Wiki Properties
3 Wiki Properties
5 Wiki Properties
7 Wiki Properties
10 Wiki Properties
 Doc Host
2 PDF Properties
5 PDF Properties
7 PDF Properties
10 PDF Properties
 High PR Blog Comment
10 PR4+ Do Follow Links
15 PR4+ Do Follow Links
20 PR4+ Do Follow Links
25 PR4+ Do Follow Links
 Approved Ezine Articles 3 Articles 5 Articles 7 Articles 10 Articles
 Link Varsity Links Type 1
 Link Varsity Links Type 2 Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Social Bookmarks
 2nd Tier Wiki Links
 3rd Tier Profile Links Creation
 4th Tier Article Links
 Fully Detailed Reports
 Full Access to Properties Created Yes Yes Yes Yes
 White-label Link Report
*Total Guaranteed Backlinks
*One Time Fee


Gain More Traffic with our SEO Link Wheel Services




Link Wheel ServiceYou don’t have to be worried about your link wheel service plan anymore just give us the anchor text and the URL and you just relax on your couch and watch your rankings grow and flow of traffic while we will work on everything. Anything can be easier than this? Adding new content and keeping your website updates will boost the results and all this is included in our link wheel service efforts. Leave your worries of external link building in the hands of experts and you just watch over the results.

You don’t need any experience in SEO Link Wheel Service, we will provide you
full service portfolio in our different link wheel packages


Social Signals

We will advertise your site on various social sites and will spread the word about your products and services. This will bring quick results in your bag and will give you good boost in different search engines. You will find this trick really quick and backlinks will start to come in just few days to get you go. Another good news is that these signal links are self-sustaining and you will get continuous results from them and more of them will come to your site’s profile and you will gain more popularity,


Web 2.0 posting

With our posting and services and web 2.0 creation we have control on high PR authority sites so we create our blogs on various sites and it brings trusted links to your website. We have great list of web properties that are hardly used anywhere, it reduces the competition from the spammed out sites.

You will get links from wide sources which you may never hear of even and these links will not be undervalued by Google. All the links generated will be of the highest quality and it will not leave any traceable pattern for anyone. We will give you different posts that will include pictures, links to YouTube videos and Co-Citational authority outbound linking.



Many people understand the importance of wikis because Google loves them, and so do we. Google and other search engines have lots of trust in them and because they are edited by public and provide lots of information so they are considered as the editorial links. We put our efforts and time to build these links as they are very genuine and are very relevant to your site. We give preference to high authority links and sources that are likely to provide them.


Doc Host

What is a Doc Host? This is the most common question we always hear and I bet that you also don’t know that you can put the documents online with your links in it. These documents get indexed by the search engines and we know it’s a good thing for our clients. We have discovered that mixing in documents like PDF files with links adds an extra pinch of salt. We create a few PDF documents and insert your links into it and upload it to various high-authority websites.


Article Directories

Here comes the most important point, the content. We create good quality content for you and notify you when it’s ready to approve it. We wait for your confirmation to proceed for the further steps. See our client’s supervise the whole process. We then upload the articles on various popular and trusted article directories online. We will create your link profile using article submission in these directories to get links to your website.


Press Release

What else can be more authoritative than News, TV, Radio and specific Niche sites that reach to masses and give you huge exposure? In our press release services we provide you impressive and journalistic press release that guarantees quality results on your website. We will upload this press release to various news sites and will promote your product or services massively. Many times people use low quality press releases which never picks up or take lots of time to get indexed. Esenzendya designed a press release system that it worth more than $300 and it’s amazing. Even other SEO services are using our Press Release System for their own client’s press releases. Our press release system comes with a guarantee to get picked up. We keep two anchor links and one naked link in the press release will distribute all over the internet. We post it to minimum of 3 paid websites which are from trusted networks like Google News, Yahoo News, Reuters and New York Times.


Squidoo Lens

We have our team that creates lens on the Squidoo site, with complete process of do follow link which will increase traffic and PR. We don’t spare the details we use into your lens on Squidoo. We don’t believe in sloppy or quick work because it will go waste anyways. Our entire lens made for our clients includes proper content, images, niche specific keywords and we make attractive to grab the attention and the links.


Link Varsity Links Type 1&2?

These links are Top Secret links and saviour for many. After the penguin update looking after your backlinks is extremely important especially the anchor text portfolio. Density of your major keywords in your backlinks is another lookout. We take a close look at various authority sites to check their anchor diversity. Those old times are gone when a natural looking profile does not have the same anchor text used for every link. We add more natural looking diversity to your links. To avoid copycats of the link building world we will not include these types of links in your final report. These two tricks are not followed by many link building companies or may be those who are using it are not doing it correctly. Varsity Links increase competitive rankings in background very silently.


Custom Packages

Yes we provide custom packages as we are working in this industry from a long time and our executive team has over 16 years of SEO experience. We have ranked many sites that got toughest niches we understands what it takes to provide quality backlinks to the clients. Contact us for a custom SEO package and quote and we may provide you something customizes according to your site.


Final Report

After your full base project gets over, you will receive detailed report for your each site. It includes all the links, log in information for future and added properties we created for you. You get complete hold on the profiles we created or used to edit in the future if needed. If you are an SEO reseller or doing it for your client you can easily get "white-labelled" by you and we will hand over you full rights of all the products. You can get all possible link work files we have used for your project if you request for them.


Turn Around Time

Esenzendya never promises you quick-fix solution and we will never do. If you are looking for rush and low quality links forget about the results. You can easily use some automation tool or hire any cheap provider which will give you quick links. All links built by us are manually created and it needs lots of understanding and few days. The Base 1 will have 3 posts which take around 12 days to complete and so on. We always set a genuine turnaround time for our customers and you can approve it before you make payments for your project, but good SEO takes time and we don’t believe in shortcuts because that hurts in long run. There is a saying that "Rome wasn’t built in a day" and your backlink profile won’t be either.


What Results You Should Expect?

Always Expect the Results You Can See!

— Extra Back-links each day, Enhanced Search Engine Rankings in every week.

How Backlinks Will Work?

Backlinks will depend on your package and anyhow you won’t expect less than 100 links from the several links which are pointing to your money website.

Note: All your links will not be showing up in any keyword tool.

How Rankings Works?

SERP improvements are the only thing we want when we buy links. If you choose the right package for your niche you will see the magic in just few weeks. Since we do manual link building so it takes bit extra time, but they stay for long time than other services available out there. We won’t show you any fake dreams at Esenzendya.

The Page Rank build high quality PR links that will surely boost your page ranking. It only depends on Google how fast they will notice your improved page situation and will increase your rank. They notify officially when they update the page rank either. So you have to check every now and then on your own.

Why Use Esenzendya?

Our SEO Team is a team of international SEO experts; we create quality backlinks our self and created most powerful link building service online. We consider our client’s website as our own and build manual links for long term use, so we are always on top. We know what is working in the market and what to provide to our clients. In the end if you site ranking is not increased you will not make money. We want you to check our success and use our effective structure we set out.

Price & Packages

We can offer you competitive prices but don’t expect cheap packages at Our infrastructure will not cost you much but our magical and manual link building system will. We use magic c-panel that you will use while placing the order. It reduces management costs and so we provide real prices on every package at Esenzendya.

Tracking on Projects

Our service is 100% transparent so you can check the progress at any step just login and you will see where we are working on your project so you can just online supervision on every step. You will get constant emails (as per your permission) when it’s time to approve the content or for the monthly or final reports.

Detailed Reporting System

We notify all our clients in the end with the final report that includes all links created for your project, login information and other things we have prepared for you with the success structure from the beginning to end.

Results and Testimonial

Result is the only thing that matters! Read what our customers have to say about our services and then try it on your own after all every project has different requirements.

Read Testimonials here

Link Wheel Service

Link Wheel Service

The web is a great place to generate business, and SEO's have all kinds of strategies in place to increase traffic for their client’s websites. Back links are a valuable asset to SEOs, as creating back links can elevate search engine rankings. One strategy that has become increasingly popular today is the link wheel service . For those wanting to know what is a link wheel service , it is the process of creating a series of back links that work similar to a wheel in motion.

Once this technique is mastered, your website will become popular with search engines. The random links of the link wheels strategy are found to have built randomly starting from one site to the other and are found to contain no design. The team of the website must be able to predict the list of random keywords that are going to have more chances of matching with the keywords used by the users in the search engines, in the initial stage

The experts have been suggesting the working team of the website to develop the habit of mentioning the keywords in mega tagging, page articles, and also in article titles, and Link wheel SEO, so that they seem to have a good reach than the normal one. Also, the team must take care that they don’t overuse the opportunity of tagging the keywords in articles or pages. This is called keyword stuffing and sometimes, the websites might get banned or penalized for keyword stuffing, so the working team of the website must take a proper balance between the use and overuse of the features available. They should have a good link wheel mechanism as well.

If people prefer to have a link wheel created especially for the team, then they can really do it on their own without seeking any kind of help from another team. But they must prefer the outsourcing concept to the creation of the link wheel, and then they can refer the link building service as well. Link wheeler is an online marketing strategy team and promises to operate effectively. The marketing team is very well specialized and also well versed in the link-wheel creation, and they also provide the required valuable services in online mode.

The process of posting content to Web can be achieved with the help of software. Hiring the services of an SEO would be ideal, provided you have the budget. Among the white hat techniques, link wheel services is a good strategy for any online marketer to try.

Link Wheel Service

Q. The articles you proivide is spun articles or unique articles?

A. We provide 100% unique articles. We always check the written articles in copyscape so our client get copyscape passed article.

Q. What all information will I need to provide you before starting on a project?

A. You will have to provide us an Url of your website and keywords.

Q. Do you charge extra for writing an articles?

A. No, its free the costs is included within the package.

Q. What payment method do you accept?

A. We accept Pay Pal for receiving payment from clients. You can also pay by credit card through Pay Pal.

Q. I find that when I click the "Buy Now" button to order this plan, it immediately redirects me to PayPal for making payment. So at which step should I send my website details and what are the guidelines for those details?

A. Once we receive the PayPal Payment Receipt from PayPal for this plan you are interested in together with your website and email address, we will send you an email that you will need to complete and return back to us. This email will include guidelines and instructions in regards to your website details, needed for to start work on this plan.

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