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Link Baiting Service

Link Baiting Service

Sometimes it seems like the Internet techniques have their own language and terminology and this is one of those times. Link baiting service is a new term that has its used around the blogosphere increasing rapidly. It is such a broad term to be actually be defining, as it encompasses a host of variable practices which may range from running of awards or of competitions, to writing hate blogs or attacking posts of those high profile bloggers in the which they are hoping them to bite back and then link to you, to being the provider of tools to other bloggers or site owners in which they can add on their blogs.

The term link baiting service, in reality is one of the new terms that describe something that have been done by the webmasters for many years. For as long as four years ago there are already people who have done lots of things in order to get links.

Link baiting service is becoming popular and as the term is being widely used, there will be debates on how this is best utilized. The bloggers and Search Engine Optimizers is arguing the point of the pros and cons of link baiting service and whether it is an existence poses a good thing or not on this industry. SEO companies are starting to have link baiting services to offer, while some are still against the idea and others also believe that the benefits you get out of link baiting will be almost the same as the benefits garnered from good web practices.

Link baiting means encouraging others to link to you. Legitimate linking brings you quality traffic. As this technique is unique, reliable and simple for getting better link and increasing website ranking apart from these advantages it also has various other advantages some of which are listing here.

  • Link baiting will bring good quality of one way links for your site and blog. Just you need unique, popular and good quality of content.
  • Link baiting also helps in increasing traffic to your website just always keep site content fresh and unique.
  • By using link baiting technique search engine visit your site frequently.
  • Through this your site will also get quick exposure to a large amount of visitors.
  • Through this technique you will generate unlimited number of links over a short period of time for every successful campaign.
  • Link baiting is also a good tool for your site promotion and brand name establishment in a short period of time.
  • It not only helps in getting you better ranked in search engines, but also exposes your blog posts to thousands of potential customers visiting these websites.

Submission Features

  • Manual submission only by our trained staff members. We will not use any software but we will spend hours to submit your website to social bookmark site.
  • Here we create a unique blog (wordpress only) related to your service or product and submit it to various bookmarking websites.
  • The links that you get are one-way and permanent; no reciprocal link required.
  • We offer around-the-clock customer service and a 100% guarantee that our services will be up to your expectations.
  • We make sure that you completely understand the impact and the effectiveness of our social bookmarking submission service by offering you a free submission report.
  • You will get a lot of GUARANTEED permanent one-way backlinks from social bookmarking web sites with Page Rank up to PR9.
  • Our prices are highly competitive and the best in the industry!
  • Build links naturally and gradually with our submissions.
  • Submission with due care. NO blind submissions
  • We provide excellent customer support. All queries will be answered within 24 hours.
Time Frame
1 Blog with Original Article(s) 350-500 Words
Submission to High PR Social Bookmarking Sites (PR2-PR9)
1 Day


2 Blogs with Original Article(s) 350-500 Words
Submission to High PR Social Bookmarking Sites (PR2-PR9)
2 Days


3 Blogs with Original Article(s) 350-500 Words
Submission to High PR Social Bookmarking Sites (PR2-PR9)
3 Days


4 Blogs with Original Article(s) 350-500 Words
Submission to High PR Social Bookmarking Sites (PR2-PR9)
5-7 Days


5 Blogs with Original Article(s) 350-500 Words
Submission to High PR Social Bookmarking Sites (PR2-PR9)
10-15 Days



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