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Hub Page Creation And Submission - (Show/Hide)

Hub Page Creation & Submission Services

Hub Page Creation & Submission Service

HubPages is a community website that allows users to share content and information with others on the Internet. It has established itself as a popular and valuable source of information on the Internet. Hubpages is free to use and anyone can create pages and share information with others. It is widely used by a diverse audience for finding information ans well as publishing content. Publishing content on Hubpages offers many benefits for writers and websites.

Main Benefits of using Hubpages.

HubPages offers many advantages and benefits to users. It is a valuable source of information and is useful for both sharing and researching content. Some of the advantages are discussed below:

Marketing tool for business

Hubpages can prove to be a valuable marketing tool for businesses as well as a valuable research tool for users. Businesses can use Hubpages to promote products. It allows a business with access toits vast audience.

A business can us HubPages to gain new customers by being by promoting its products and services.

HubPages can also be used for promoting affiliate products or services. However it advised to direct users to a landing page on your website first.

Access to a vast audience

Website statistics confirm the popularity of Hubpages and indicate that it receives more than 12 millions visits per month. Predictions further show that its popularity is rising further.  The diversity of its readership is an important consideration and includes users from diverse socio-economic and geographical boundaries. If used properly, hubpages can prove to be a powerful information tool for businesses. HubPages can provide businesses with an opportunity to access its vast user base with minimal effort.

Ease to Use

HubPages is known for its usability. Content publishing is straight forward and can be done easily in a few simple steps. No special IT or computer skills are required for using hubpages. Free registration on the website is sufficient for publishing content.

Benefits for Search engine optimisation

Search engine marketing experts use Hubpages as a part of their ongoing marketing strategy. HubPages can be a useful tool for search engine optimisation and can help improve a website's rank on search results. Websites and blogs can be linked easily with hubpage content that you have added. This can increase back-links which in turn has a positive impact on search engine ranking.

HubPages can be used to increase traffic to your website or blog. You can direct users to your website by including links in your hubs or pages.

New hubs are indexed with ease on Google and tend to rank high. A new page created on HubPages will most likely be indexed by Google faster than a new page on your own website or blog.

Opportunities for generating revenue

Hubpage can also be used to generate revenue form ads that are displayed on your hub alongside your content. Google adsense ads are automatically placed by Hubpages on the page you create A proportion of any revenue generated from the ads is given to the page owner.

Quality of content

Hubpages is associated with quality content. It takes a number of steps to ensure the content that is published meets the minimum quality standards set out by Hubpages. This ensures the overall quality of the website is maintained at all times.

Social networking and content sharing websites in general have seen significant success in recent years. HubPages is one of the successful community websites that commands over 12 million visits per month. It offers many benefits and advantages. and can be used to complement your existing marketing strategy.

Submission Features

  • Manual submission only by our trained staff members. We will not use any software but we will spend hours to submit your website to social bookmark site.
  • Here we create a hub page related to your service or product and submit it to various bookmarking websites.
  • The links that you get are one-way and permanent; no reciprocal link required.
  • We offer around-the-clock customer service and a 100% guarantee that our services will be up to your expectations.
  • We make sure that you completely understand the impact and the effectiveness of our social bookmarking submission service by offering you a free submission report.
  • You will get a lot of GUARANTEED permanent one-way backlinks from social bookmarking web sites with Page Rank up to PR9.
  • Our prices are highly competitive and the best in the industry!
  • Build links naturally and gradually with our submissions.
  • Submission with due care. NO blind submissions
  • We provide excellent customer support. All queries will be answered within 24 hours.


Hub Page
Time Frame
1 Hub Page with Original Article(s) 350-500 Words
Submission to High PR Social Bookmarking Sites (PR2-PR9)
1 Day


2 Hub Page with Original Article(s) 350-500 Words
Submission to High PR Social Bookmarking Sites (PR2-PR9)
2 Days


3 Hub Page with Original Article(s) 350-500 Words
Submission to High PR Social Bookmarking Sites (PR2-PR9)
3 Days


4 Hub Page with Original Article(s) 350-500 Words
Submission to High PR Social Bookmarking Sites (PR2-PR9)
5-7 Days


5 Hub Page with Original Article(s) 350-500 Words
Submission to High PR Social Bookmarking Sites (PR2-PR9)
10-15 Days



Q. Will you show me the article written by you?

A. Yes we will first confirm the article with you and only then we will use it.

Q. What all information will I need to provide you before starting on a project?

A. You will have to provide us a Url of your website and keywords.

Q. Do you charge extra for writing extra articles?

A. No, we do not charge extra for the articles. Its already included in the package.

Q. What payment method do you accept?

A. We accept Pay Pal for receiving payment from clients. You can also pay by credit card through Pay Pal.

Q. I find that when I click the "Buy Now" button to order this plan, it immediately redirects me to PayPal for making payment. So at which step should I send my website details and what are the guidelines for those details?

A. Once we receive the PayPal Payment Receipt from PayPal for this plan you are interested in together with your website and email address, we will send you an email that you will need to complete and return back to us. This email will include guidelines and instructions in regards to your website details, needed for to start work on this plan.

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